Shot on an iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro camera is just amazing. I’m no longer on Instagram, account dormant for 2 month (soon to be deleted). Therefor I wanted to share a few shots.

I’m impressed when I see how much the quality of the photos taken has improved. Recently I used the night mode for the first time.

This picture was taken ~18:30 in February (it was almost dark). The mountains look very different when lighted that way. Beautiful.

Schafberg/Mehlsack in Zug at night.

When it comes to shooting things that are dark and light, the iPhone also finds a perfect balance. Mystic.

Chapel in the dark winter

As comparison I tried to find some older pictures, and here’s what I found (roughly 20 years old, shot on an Digital IXUS – a really good compact camera at this time).

Schoppernau, darkish – evening, 20y ago

The crispyness of pictures taken is just incredible. I’m excited to see how this evolves going forward.

Bright winter landscape